Boost your Metabolism and Lose those Extra Pounds and Get Lean

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It only takes a few key habits to boost your metabolism no matter what your age!

There’s no “magic pill”. No crazy spices on your food. Not running around in circles all day. No Nonsense!

Let’s start by looking at what metabolism is:

It’s the sum of all the chemical and physical changes that take place within our bodies and thus enable the body to continually function and grow.  It involves the breakdown of complex organic constituents of the body with liberation of energy, which then required for other processes and the building up of complex substances, which then form the material of the tissues and organs of our bodies.

The advantage and benefit of having a higher metabolism is that you can consume more healthy food or exercise less to achieve the same results.  A higher metabolism implies that your body is expending more energy.  Therefore, you can take on more energy in the form of food while maintaining your shape or even shedding fat.

The following tips will have a positive impact on your metabolism.  Each has an effect, and the cumulative effect will have a major impact on your ability to be a fat burner and a high energy person, ready to take on anything that life throws at you.

1. Train with weights

Training with weights boosts your metabolism in a number of ways. It has been shown raise your metabolism for 10-12 hours (and even days) through a process called (EPOC) or exercise post oxygen consumption.  Weight training is the main way to stimulate the growth of muscle tissue, which then burns more calories, by increasing the number of fat-burning enzymes and organelles in our body.

A common misconception that concerns some women is that lifting weights will make them big and bulky rather than lean and trim.  No worries, unless you are taking anabolic steroids to increase your testosterone levels, you will become more toned and lean when lifting weight,  I promise!  Who wants to look skinny but ‘flappy’, with no lean muscle, after working so hard to shed some pounds?

2. Eat Whole Foods:

Yes, you burn calories when you eat! During digestion, you burn calories to break down the foods.  By eating whole, natural foods, (from sources close to nature) our bodies must extract the fiber and nutrients, taking the large chain molecules and chopping them down to smaller versions,  absorbing them so that they can perform their tasks.  This takes a great deal of energy! (Remember … energy = calories!)

When you eat processed foods, all of that work is already done for us, so we digest quickly. This leaves you hungry, heavy, and craving MORE! Your blood sugar rises much faster and your body expends fewer calories processing these ‘pre-processed’ foods … hence, no energy expended!  Get the picture?

Whole grains, in contrast, pack more nutrients, are higher in fiber and force the body to work harder to use them as energy. Another great advantage of eating whole foods? They are packed with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

These are co-factors in the metabolic processes that our bodies need to burn calories, and build muscle.

3. Drink Water:

Every process in our body works through the molecules of water. When we have lots of water in our body, we have all the transportation molecules for all the process that are needed to increase metabolism.  How simple is that?  How much water should you drink every day? Optimally 3-4 litres, especially if you are an active person.  Let’s get away from this old school thinking of 8 glasses of water per day; that’s just enough to survive.

4. Supplement with Healthy Fats:

Healthy fats are involved in the manufacturing of hormones and the repair of all the cell membranes in our bodies. With the right fats in our daily foods, we can use them to our advantage metabolically.

Healthy fats digest very slowly and require lots of energy to digest.  Healthy fats are found in avocados, nuts, seeds, and in olive, pumpkin seed, and flaxseed oils so add them into your diet.

5. Every Little Bit Counts:

Believe it or not, it can be as simple as changing some daily habits to have a huge impact on your metabolism. Instead of spending 20 minutes driving around the lot at the mall, park further from the building and walk. Take the stairs.   It feels good to move and I urge all of you to be different than the majority these days and find little ways to be more active.  A mantra that I share with many of you is simple; Motion Is Lotion, it’s good for everything that our bodies need.

6. Embrace The Right Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are not the enemy! The wrong type are the enemy.  Using the right types of Carbs can be very valuable for boosting your metabolism.

For example, you’ll expend more calories consuming 20 grams of lentils versus 20 grams of sugar.  Lentils contain tons of fiber and other nutrients that your body has to work harder to extract.  Look for the high fiber, complex, low-glycemic carbs and focus on the unprocessed carbs.  If it’s made in a factory, don’t eat it.  

7. Increase Your Frequency of Eating and Fluctuate The Calories:

Consuming food triggers digestion. Digestion expends energy. It may seem counter intuitive but when we starve ourselves, our bodies go into a survival mode and shut down metabolically. Our body conserves and stores its energy needs as fat.

By eating healthy, smaller meals more frequently (grazing), you continuously supply your body with the nutrients it needs.  You increase energy expended through digestion and keep your blood sugar stable. This results in … yes, you;ve got it … increased metabolism. Your furnace burns brighter and hotter, as I like to say.

By fluctuating our calories, your metabolism stays boosted because you avoid homeostasis. The more we vary our caloric intake from day to day, the more we keep the body guessing and avoid the drop in metabolism due to getting into the comfort zone of routine.

8. Increase Your Protein Intake:

Protein  is converted into fuel through complex chemical processes and requires lots of energy. Increase those lean proteins, especially things like Quinoa, lean white meats, beans, and wild fish.

9. Perform High Intensity Cardio:

By taking you into an anaerobic state, (you know, when you’re out of breath), or what’s called “oxygen debt’, your body has to get ride of the waste products such as lactic acid. And we need more energy to recover from the activity, too.  This, in turn, boosts the metabolism.  The other real benefit of cardio is that it prepares you for life’s emergencies, day to day, where we have to move swiftly and out of danger sometimes. (And it will help you climb those stairs!)

10. Take Advantage Of Modern Technologies To Boost The Metabolism

The easiest way we can boost the metabolism is by utilizing technologies such as Pulsating magnetic field therapies, with devices like Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (and, no, it’s not magnets), and Total Body vibration, with technologies such as the WAVE.  You’ll want to follow up on these links to get more information on the benefits of these technologies for boosting metabolism naturally, and ALL of the other amazing health and wellness benefits.

These are my tops 10 habits which you can begin to embrace if you are not already.  All of these small lifestyle changes can really add up to a whole lot of metabolic changes. You want to Live long & Strong, free of pain, and full of energy and these are some great tips to help get you there.

Make a great week, until we meet again.

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