Dr Phil’s Favourite Organic Chili Recipe

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Dr. Phil’s Favourite Organic Chili

This is a great meal to prepare in your crockpot, in the morning or even the night before! You’ll come home from a long day and Dinner is Done! Hope you’ll give it a try.

2 lbs. coarsely ground beef (grass-fed, no pesticide, no hormones)
1 – 13 oz. can organic kidney beans (low sodium)
1 – 28 oz. glass-bottled organic crushed or diced tomatoes
2 medium organic onions, coarsely chopped
1 organic green pepper, coarsely chopped
2 cloves organic garlic
2 tablespoons organic chili powder
1 teaspoons organic ground pepper
1 teaspoons organic cumin
Sea salt to taste

Brown and drain the ground beef. Add it to your crockpot.
Add the rest of the ingredients in order listed. Stir a few times.
Cover and cook on Low 10-12 hours or High for 5-6 hours.

Top each serving with Feta Cheese or Shredded Organic Cheddar.
Serve with 100% whole-wheat bread and a fresh salad of Organic greens.

It is delicious! Enjoy!

My family and I trust the organic products from the Canadian Company, GoBio – Great products for the Organic Gourmet! Check them out!

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