Electrosmog – More than Air Pollution is affecting your Health!

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Electromagnetic fields create ‘electrosmog’ which disturbs normal biological function and may inhibit long-term health.

Dating back to Cleopatra, even as far back as Aristotle and Hippocrates, the medical importance of the Earth’s magnetic field was well known.

The scientific studies of magnetic field therapy began in 1835 and advanced into the 20th century with clinical studies in Russia and Japan, making magnetic field therapy more important and accessible in those countries than anywhere else in modern times. North America is catching up with European technology thanks in part to the late Dr Andrew Basset, best known for his work with electromagnetic fields that led to the faster healing of broken bones. In 1978, after over two decades of research and clinical trials, Dr Bassett reported that external electromagnetic forces could control cell functions. Over 100,000 patients have benefited from his technique to heal fractures which otherwise would have required surgery.


Electromagnetic field research became newsworthy when, in the 1960s, astronauts suffered ‘space sickness’ upon returning to Earth. Today it is widely acknowledged that one of the major contributors to astronauts’ health problems was the absence of the Earth’s geomagnetic field, which is essential for the survival of human beings, plants, and animals. In 1975, the term ‘Adey Window’ was coined to describe the frequency range, 3-25Hz, to which humans and animals react positively while other frequencies can disturb normal biological function. These non-biological frequencies are referred to as ‘electrosmog’ or ‘electropollution’; most households use electricity at 50Hz and the typical cell phone uses up to 1900MHz – well outside the healthy biological window.

Many experts now believe that the spectrum of man-made EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) radiation cloaks beneficial natural frequencies. Much medical evidence has shown that this electropollution may cause stress, fatigue, and biological imbalance. Laboratory research has shown that by exposing living cells to healthy frequencies through Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, these cells are protected and immune system function is improved.

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS) is revolutionary technology developed in Germany to help combat the effects of ‘electrosmog’ on the human body. In contrast to ‘magnetic therapy’, MRS optimizes three important components: pulsating magnetic induction, bundles of frequency, and resonance effect. The system uses low magnetic energy closely resembling the natural frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field which allows red blood cells, under the influence of pulsating magnetic frequencies, to deliver more oxygen to every single cell in the body. This increased oxygen supply promotes improved metabolism and circulation, muscle relaxation and pain relief, and reduces the ‘fatigue function’ of cells due to lack of nutrients.

I’m very excited and amazed by my own results using the MRS technology. I was able to objectively verify my physical observations with live blood cell microscopy and infrared thermography and I’m excited by the potential of this clinical modality.

While still new to the North American community, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation is gaining popularity with health professionals as an excellent protocol to support regulation and balance of the entire human metabolism at the cellular level.

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