Do you want to guarantee you stay hydrated every single Day; 7 Steps to Alkaline Hydration

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You all know how important it is to stay hydrated right? Of course you do. It is THE most important part of the alkaline diet and no matter what your health goal – hydration will be at the core of it.

However, “how to stay hydrated” is always at the top of most peoples biggest questions/hurdles when trying to get healthy. It is a combination of not enjoying plain water and/or simply not REMEMBERING to drink enough. People often tell me that drinking 3-4 litres is too hard and they can’t do it – but I think that if you break it down to: 3 litres divided by 15 waking hours…drinking 200ml per hour is not that hard…so it really is remembering to drink enough AND making it enjoyable.

7 Steps to Alkaline Hydration
Step One: Carry a Big Bottle

This is the best tip – because it makes sure you always have your water on you to sip. I personally like to have a big 1 litre bottle at all times and when I do this I always drink my 4.2 litres! Really simple, but SO effective. How many times are you sat at your desk, thirsty as hell, thinking – when I finish this task I’ll go get a water…and then 2 hours later you’re still sat there thirsty?

Step Two: Set a Reminder

This isn’t something you will have to do forever, but I recommend you set an hour reminder on your phone or watch to beep and remind you to have a big gulp or a glass of water every hour. It is amazing how often you suddenly realise it is lunchtime and you’ve not really had anything to drink!

Step Three: Substitute

For every other drink you go to have, be it a tea, coffee or juice – substitute in water. You will be surprised at a) how good it
makes you feel and b) how much of a pat on the back you can give yourself afterwards. This simple tip can lead to some really good,
positive reinforcement that yes, you can say no and it makes you even more healthy!

Step Four: Always Have Water At Your Desk

Building on Step One – simply having a bottle at your desk at all times means that when you do remember you can tuck straight into it, rather than thinking “oh yes, water, now let me just finish this email first”. When I’m working away from home I personally like to fill my Alkaline Water Jug and have that and a glass on my desk at all times.

Step Five: The Power of Tea!

Herbal teas are alkaline! Mostly. You only really have to avoid green and white tea and the rest are caffeine free and alkaline. I find this is a great way to beat the boredom of plain water and it gives me at least a litre of hydration per day. My favourites are peppermint, Rooibos, caffeine-free chai, ginger and orange. Delicious hot or cold!

Step Six: Flavour!

Water is water and it’s pretty dull. That’s ok. Try to see hydration as a source of health and energy rather than a source of flavour. However, remember – you can add lemon, mint, lime, grapefruit…all manner of fresh stuff added in to make water more enjoyable. I’m personally loving lime and mint at the moment. Mint grows like nothing else in the garden too – so you can get it in abundance for free (or in a pot if you’re living in a unit). Genius.

Step Seven: Know your Outcome and Plan your Route to Success

Set goals. Write them down. Track your progress. Read your goals aloud day and night. Honestly, being hydrated is THE most important part of any health goal and will get you a long way towards where you want to be, whether that is weight loss, weight gain, muscle growth, more energy, better digestion, better skin……

Got any tips of your own? Leave me a comment below

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