Dr Phil McAllister (Guelph’s own ‘Dr Phil’) shares an amazing story for people suffering with Chronic Pain

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I have been working in the Guelph health and wellness community for many years and have always made the effort to learn about new treatments and technologies to better serve my patients and my community. A few years ago, I was introduced to the amazing paradigm of pulsating electro-magnetic field therapies and I was initially very sceptical.

I put my scepticism aside and looked closely at the research behind this therapy and discussed it with my very good friend Sue DeBoer, a respected scientist, university Professor, and Molecular Nutritionist.

All the reading and discussions didn’t prepare me for my first experience with the actual technology. I understood its potential at that point but needed to put the technology to the most challenging test. If it passed this test, I would be assured of the validity and life-changing potential of this technology.

My daughter, Natasha, who was about 16 years old at the time, lives with Cerebral Palsy from birth trauma and is quadriplegic and non-verbal with her needs. Severe spasms and pain into her right hip area had steadily progressed over five years. As she grew, muscles in her right hip had become so tight and, since constantly in spasm, her hip joint was becoming totally displaced out of its joint. X-rays showed this very clearly. The physical rehabilitation I was doing as a specialist in this field could alleviate the problem for only short periods of time.

Our orthopaedic surgeon suggested tendonectomies, a procedure that cuts the tendons of the muscles so they no longer attach to the joint. This did not present as an appropriate solution; the source of the problem was not the muscle but the neurological signals from the brain.

We spoke with top neurologists in Hamilton, specialists in physical disabilities, whose first suggestion was to perform a Dorsal Rhizotomy (surgically severing the nerves from the spinal cord which innervate (fire) the muscles involved). Sounded quite straightforward; however, I asked a very important question (as I had a high knowledge of neurology with my own training). Specifically, what happens to all of the other body structures when the nerves are severed? The answer: Natasha would also lose her bowel and bladder function. Needless to say, my daughter was not amused (that’s a nice way of saying she was outta there!).

Medications, such as muscle relaxants, may have popped into your mind as an option. Natasha relies on her muscles to use her head to type using a mouse and to drive her power wheelchair. Medication would affect her entire body and therefore, impede her overall coordination. Life without her computer? That option was outta there, too!

Our family realized there was no harm trying new technology brought into our lives from a company in Germany called Mediconsult. It was a large initial investment of over two thousand dollars and, of course, we were a bit nervous about spending this amount of money.

As we analyzed Natasha’s progress, we were thrilled that we invested in this technology. Within the first few days of diligently using the PEMF device, our daughter was able to sleep more comfortably, and thus, so were her mother and I for the first time in years. I also noticed that, within weeks, her hip range of motion was improving significantly and the spasms had disappeared within a month.

After a few months, we did a comparison series of hip x-rays and we were pleased to see that her hip joint was no longer displaced. That initial concern about the cost evaporated when realized that our daughter’s, and our own, benefits equal about the cost of a cup of coffee a day. To see Natasha free of pain thanks to this technology is a gift to our family.

In addition to our daughter’s benefit, my wife and I noticed significant improvements in our athletic performance and increased energy levels. We could run further, going faster, and perform at higher levels with our functional training. We understood why the Russians and Germans were utilizing this technology with Olympic teams in the 1970s and 80s and why many European sports teams use it for performance enhancement and post-workout recovery. I had my own blood analyzed using live blood cell microscopy, before and after using the PEMF technology for 8 minutes, and the blood oxygenation improvement was remarkable.

As a doctor, from my professional perspective, I am convinced and want to share this with my patients and my community. The celebrated Dr. Oz recently stated on his show that the face of medicine is going to change with a new paradigm of energy medicine, with technologies like Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapies leading the way. Given my personal and professional experience with PEMF, I could not agree more!

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, lacking energy or someone you care about is suffering, contact me at any time for more information. We will meet in person, discuss the PEMF, and you will have the complimentary opportunity to experience this technology.

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