Breaking The Water Drinking Rule

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They’re the imperatives for well-being that have been drilled into us  forever—”Drink eight glasses of water a day!” “Eat nine servings of fruits and  veggies!” “Stay away from red meat!” But it turns out that taking care of  yourself isn’t quite so black-and-white, says Harvard Medical School  psychologist Alice Domar, PhD, coauthor of Live a Little! Breaking the Rules  Won’t Break Your Health. “Research is revealing that whoever wrote the old  guidelines didn’t have the whole picture, and that there are more paths to  optimal health than we previously thought,” Domar says. Happily, the new rules  are more user-friendly than the old ones. Here, four tips to live  by.
Old Rule: Drink eight glasses of water a day. New  Rule: Eat your water.
The recommendation to chug all that H2O was  likely based on guidelines published in 1945. However, says Howard Murad, MD,  author of The Water Secret, much of your daily requirement is contained  in foods: Fruits, vegetables, beans, and cooked whole grains like oatmeal and  quinoa (which soak up moisture in the pot) all deliver servings of water. And,  as Murad points out, they offer the added bonus of nutrients: “Watermelon and  cucumber are more than 90 percent water, but they also contain antioxidants.  With a glass of water, all you get is water.” You’ll know you’re hydrated when  your urine is colorless or pale yellow and you’re rarely thirsty
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