Dr. Phil’s Healthy Easter Eating Tips

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Love chocolate but want to prevent the extra kilos creeping on at this time of the year? Follow our 7 tips on how to have a healthy Easter and you and your family can indulge without doing yourself too much damage this year:
1.       Size does not matter
Instead of opting for the biggest egg try a buying just a few individually wrapped little ones. To give you an idea a large Easter egg can contain at least 500calories or 2000KJ which is a third of your daily intake if you are trying to lose weight. Having to unwrap each little one also makes it a more time consuming process and more aware of the number you will eat-so put aside a few and just draw the line.
2.       Quality not quantity
Let’s face it the majority of eggs are really poor quality milk chocolate and mot that yummy at all. So this year why not choose to by a few small quality dark chocolate eggs or even just opt for a few pieces of your favourite dark chocolate (70-85% cocoa content) that you will really enjoy and also provide the added benefit of some heart healthy antioxidants? Studies also show that most people actually eat less of dark chocolate as the taste is stronger and more satisfying.
3.       Give non –edible gifts
Don’t over-load your loved ones with chocolate instead give them something they can keep or enjoy and that benefits their mental or physical well-being. Try giving a storybook, a fluffy bunny toy, an outside toy that will give them something to play with during the holiday, a bunch of flowers, fruit basket, or perhaps arrange a special trip to a fun park or zoo as a treat.
4.       Don’t over-purchase chocolate
It may seem silly but if you don’t buy too many Easter eggs or bunnies (or whatever your vice)- you can’t eat them!!Be sure to only buy a few so you don’t have too many extra ones lying around the house and that way you can’t be tempted to eat them.
5.       Hold a real Easter egg hunt
If you have little ones they just love the idea of an Easter hunt. Again this is a great way to be active and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Instead of hiding chocolates try hard boiled painted eggs, little toys, or even some plastic or wooden eggs. Then give a small non –food prize to each child for participating. You could also hold a real egg and spoon race to the day for a bit more messy outdoor fun or play pin the tail on the bunny game for some more festive entertainment.
6.       Hop along
Instead of staying inside and over-indulging try to get outside to enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather. Kick start your exercise programs with walks or a cycle, or just enjoy park visits, do some gardening, go camping, or on a picnic or bushwalk or try a day at the beach to get you out and active.
7.       Enjoy healthy Easter treats
As a family enjoy the healthy food at Easter-try a beautiful hot cross bun with some 100% fruit spread or low fat cream cheese on top or try baking a batch of low fat banana muffins together -see our website recipe -with a little chocolate cross piped on top. Have a lovely relaxing barbeque meal of fish or lean meat, wholegrain bread and salad in a pretty setting or a more traditional low fat roast and vegetables at home and enjoy your holiday together.
So this Easter let’s shift the focus away from eggs and chocolate and get back to the real meaning of Easter- Celebrating and appreciating the life we have with our loved ones.
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