Dr. Phil’s Top 10 Tips For A Healthy Christmas Season

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Christmas is in the air again and you might be starting to fret over those extra pounds you are almost certain to gain with all the party invites you are looking forward to. So this year, why not condition yourself early on to exercise a little more discipline and self-control.
1. Always be conscious of your food choices

Whether it is a Christmas lunch, dinner, or buffet at the office, it helps to use a smaller plate and sample all the available dishes in smaller portions. This way, you can enjoy everything without overindulging and heading home suffering from indigestion. Go heavy on the fruit, vegetables, and grain where available as these food substances give you better control of your weight. Go easy on desserts. Remember that eating right will leave you feeling good the next day.

2. Chew your food slowly

The more time you take to chew your food, the faster you feel full – and the lesser food you consume. Taking your time chewing also allows you to savor the flavors and enjoy each dish that has been prepared.

3.Drink responsibly

Wine and alcoholic beverages are almost always offered at Christmas parties. But do you know that alcoholic drinks are also loaded with calories? Drink safely and avoid those extra calories – as well as bad hangovers and possible embarrassment. In between drinks, drink water.

4. Make time for exercise

Since eating more than usual cannot be avoided entirely, burn off calories by taking morning or evening walks or jogs. With daylight saving available in most states, the sun is up bright and early for us to get active and outdoors, so take advantage of this amazing weather and start moving.

5. Prepare a healthy menu

Good eating habits, Christmas season or not, start at home. Plan a Christmas menu loaded with healthy options. Using alternative ingredients and the methods by which the food were prepared can actually do wonders, without sacrificing taste and rich flavors. Do your research. For example, serve seafood dishes instead of red meat or grill meat instead of roasting. Serve fruit and yogurt-based deserts and skip the lollies and chocolates.

6. Rest and relax

Never take a long beauty rest for granted. Get as much sleep as you can so you would feel a lot more sociable and welcoming this Christmas. Plan your shopping in advance and take sometime to yourself whenever you can. If time allows, by all means, treat yourself to a full-body massage!

7. Detoxify your system

Get in the habit of drinking a cup of tea instead of coffee to help calm your nerves during the silly season. Aside from their calming effects, teas and herbs are also effective remedied to indigestion. Vegetables and fruit juices help relieve your body of toxins so consume as much as possible.

8. Super-hydrate

Amidst being busy shopping, preparing, and getting ready to attend parties and welcome guests, your body needs all the water it can get. Drinking water energizes you and can also reduce the feeling of hunger to help prevent overeating.

9. Have snacks and a healthy breakfast

Eating a small breakfast keeps you energized all throughout the say. Having a healthy snack at least an hour before another party is also a good strategy you can apply to avoid eating too much. Munch on fruits or pudding and forego candies, chocolates, and high-calorie desserts.

10. Tell us Your tip to stay healthy

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