Dr. Phil’s Isagenix Story

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I was once Fat, Stress out, constantly tired, and feeling old

For those of you who have known me for many years, I have been battling excessive weight over my life even being very active in sports, and I found that baggier pants and bigger shirts … well they just weren’t doing the trick.  Then I tried something that I’d been skeptical of for many years prior.  Why not, I had nothing to lose by trying this, and everyone else I knew that tried had great results with shedding their pounds, as well as being healthier and performing at higher levels in fitness and sport

Why Isagenix For Me and My Family Now?

I shed almost 20 pounds, from a waistline of 36 to 32 in a short period while not increasing my exercise regime in any way.  I was back to my healthiest weight in over 25 years, back to 190 pounds and 12 % body fat (my physique back in High School University Rugby days).  It was then time to replace all my fat man’s clothing, which also felt amazing!

I recall the first few days using Isagenix, and it was the dramatic jump in my energy levels, especially during my workouts.  I began to sleep more soundly, and didn’t wake up feeling tired anymore.  As the weeks progressed my ability to cope with the daily stress was getting easier too. generally feeling happier.

Now I’m able to maintain the goal weight and muscle mass by continuing to enjoy a variety of the great Isagenix products.  I may indulge once in a while with special events, so a cleanse day brings me right back in balance to my target again.  It’s amazing to have a great tasting convenient lifestyle that works for my life and personal health goals.

It is now my pleasure to attach my reputation as a Doctor and International Sports Rehabilitation Consultant behind The Isagenix products, and  be able to recommend them to my clients and everyone who asks about health and wellness.

It’s also amazing that about 80-90% of the clients I come into contact have nutrition issues as part of their presenting problems.  Awesome to have solution that works.

As much as I was a skeptic initially, Isagenix has the WOW! factor, with integrity.  For this reason I find it so easy to share and recommend Isagenix


No diet, just a system for life that is realistic, I’m all in!  Check it out for yourself and connect with me for any upcoming information nights ahead, or simply enroll through the following link:


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Before                                                         After 45 days with Isagenix System

To Your Health and Vitality; Live Long& Strong

From The Desk of Dr. Phil