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Dr. Phil Shares: Is Cardio or Weight Lifting Better For Shedding Extra Weight?

If you’re looking to lose weight, you might be wondering: Should I focus on doing cardio or should I weight train? The answer, for those of you not interested in hanging around for the “why” part of the answer, is both. What matters most is the way you train, the system you train under, and […]

Dr. Phil Shares: 5 Tips to Battle Burnout

Have you ever felt physically and mentally drained when it comes to fitness? It’s like you’ve hit a brick wall and you don’t feel like doing anything. Every push-up is a chore. Every lunge is a struggle. Even proper nutrition and other things healthy feel like an uphill battle. If you’ve ever felt stuck and […]

Dr. Phil Asks: When Should I Stop Eating at Night?

September 9, 2014 by


Recently, the media branded the “Don’t Eat Before Bedtime” rule as a myth. As usual, they’ve taken a complex topic, distilled it down to a catchy headline, and gotten it completely wrong. The correct answer is much more nuanced. The short answer is that sometimes it’s okay to eat before bed, but mostly, it’s probably […]

Dr. Phil’s Tips On Diet Foods That Make Us Fat

You could be sabotaging your weight loss by turning to the wrong foods. Certain reduced fat, low-calorie and sugar-free foods claim they are dieter-friendly – but often turn out to be your worst choice. Some low-calorie options are loaded with fat, and some fat-free options are loaded with sugar, and vice-versa. Avoid these fat traps, learn the […]

Women Risk of Stroke may be Reduced with Citric Fruits

February 25, 2012 by


Although stroke is more common in men than in women (57% men, 43% women), women should not think of it as a men’s disease. Stroke can happen to both men and women, and at any age. Here is the scary fact, women don’t know how to recognize the symptoms of stroke, as they are different […]